Hybrid Cloud Patterns

Ideas for customization

Why change it?

One of the major goals of the Red Hat patterns development process is to create modular, customizable demos. The Multicloud Gitops is just an example of a pattern managing multiple clusters in a gitops fashion. It contains a very simple ‘config-demo’ application which prints out a secret that was injected into the vault via an out-of-band mechanism.

It could be an interesting exercise to customize this demo in different ways.

Split the config-demo across hub and regional clusters

Currently hub and regional clusters are reusing the exact same helm chart found at charts/all/config-demo. The first customization step could be to split the demo app in two separate charts: one in charts/hub/config-demo and one in charts/region/config-demo. Once charts/all/config-demo has been copied to charts/hub/config-demo and charts/region/config-demo, we need to include them in the respective values-hub.yaml and values-region-one.yaml, respectively.

Once this is done we can start customizing the two apps and make them output a different web page entirely depending if the pod is running on the hub or on the cluster.

Rest API addition

Another idea, after splitting the charts, could be to implement a small Rest API server on the hub. This API could serve read-only values out to anyone and could provide some update write-APIs only if the client provides a secret (for example via the X-API-KEY mechanism). The config-demo application could be tweaked to talk to the hub and use a vault-injected secret as the X-API-KEY. So the hub would possess the key via the External-Secrets generated K8s secret and the regional app would possess that same secret via the ACM policy pushing out secrets via the {{hub fromSecret}} mechanism.

In the end the possibilities to tweak this pattern are endless. Do let us know if you have an awesome idea that you’d like to add

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