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Multicloud GitOps

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Table of contents

  1. Multicloud GitOps
    1. Table of contents
    2. Background
      1. Solution elements
      2. Red Hat Technologies
    3. Architecture
      1. Logical architecture
      2. Physical Architecture
    4. Recorded Demo
    5. What Next


Organizations are looking for a way to develop and deploy applications on an open hybrid cloud in a stable, simple, and secure way. This hybrid approach includes multi-cloud deployments where workloads may be running on different clusters on different clouds - private or public. This also requires an infrastructure-as-code approach that manages versions and being able to deploy based on specific deployment configurations.

The pattern is derived from work done by the Red Hat Portfolio Architecture team

Solution elements

  • How to use a GitOps approach to manage multiple cloud deployments in both public and private clouds.
  • How to centrally manage multiple clusters, including workloads.
  • How to securely manage secrets across multi-cloud deployments.

Red Hat Technologies

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (Kubernetes)
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management (Open Cluster Management)
  • Red Hat OpenShift GitOps (ArgoCD)
  • Hashicorp Vault


At a high level this requires a management hub, for DevOps and GitOps, and infrastructure that extends to more than one managed clusters running on private or public clouds.

Multi-Cloud Architecture

Logical architecture

Logical Architecture

Physical Architecture

Physical Architecture

For additional logical, physical and dataflow diagrams, please see the work done by the Red Hat Portfolio Architecture team

Recorded Demo

What Next

Table of contents