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Community Patterns

Table of contents

  1. Community Patterns
    1. List of Community Patterns
      1. Cockroach
      2. Kong
      3. Connected Vehicle Architecture
      4. Quarkus Coffee Shop

List of Community Patterns


A multicloud pattern using cockroachdb and submariner, deployed via RHACM



A pattern for Kong Gateway Control Plane and Data Plane demo


Connected Vehicle Architecture

A distributed cloud-native application that implements key aspects of a modern IoT architecture.


Quarkus Coffee Shop

A pattern for deploying the well regarded Coffeeshop demo, consisting of 7 microservices, that can be used to showcase:

  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Event Streaming
  • Domain Driven Design and Event Storming
  • Change Data Capture
  • Quarkus
  • Kafka (or AMQ Streams in Red Hat terminology)